This contest has ended -- check out the current Facebook Hackathon: AR ending September 8th, 2020 @ 5pm ET!

And the winners are in!

Congratulations to all the winners! See their projects listed below.  Make sure to check out all of the other awesome submissions in the Gallery. We can't wait to see what everyone creates next.



First Place

Little Foodies

Second Place

Blow Soap Bubbles in AR

Third Place

Pirate Dash 360


What to build: Using Spark AR Studio, create a World AR effect for Instagram. World effects layer AR experiences on surfaces, objects and people in your environment, and are viewable using the world-facing camera on your smartphone (not the self-facing camera). We can’t wait to see how you augment your world!

What to submit:

  1. Demo Video. Your video (hosted on Facebook Video, YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku) should be around 2 minutes, include a demo of your working application via a step-by-step visual demo, and be available in English. Be sure to talk about the Spark AR Studio features you used to build your effect.
  2. Access. Please submit the Share link to the Instagram Spark AR effect (which includes the effect ID) and link to GitHub containing project file. If your effect is not yet published, share the preview/testing link.
  3. Complete submission form. All required fields must be completed and submitted on Devpost BEFORE the deadline. Late entries will NOT be accepted.


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$7,000 in prizes

First Place

• $3,000 USD
• At least one 30-minute virtual meeting with a Facebook engineer
• Oculus Quest 64GB VR headset (ARV: $399 USD; 1 per individual, 4 max per Org or Team)

Second Place

• $2,500 USD

Third Place

• $1,500 USD

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Aniket Das

Aniket Das
Partner Engineer

Christopher Price

Christopher Price
Strategic Partner Manager, Camera

Piotar Boa

Piotar Boa
AR Creator and Digital Marketer

Sean Alfred Blair

Sean Alfred Blair
Partner Engineer working with Spark AR

Emmanuel Lusinchi
Partner Engineering Manager

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea
    Includes creativity and originality of the idea.
  • Potential Strategic Impact
    Includes the potential value and usefulness to real-world users.
  • Implementation of the Idea
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer, the extent to which the featured Facebook products were incorporated, and the extent to which respect for user privacy was considered or incorporated in the design.

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