Spark AR Hackathon FAQs

Q: Can my submission just be an AR Effect that works on Facebook but not on Instagram and can I add on a selfie-camera effect or hand tracking?

A: The submission has to be a World AR Effect that works on Instagram. Additional features and integrations are allowed as long as the main requirement is addressed. 

Q: I'm making an AR game and I’m not sure if the content would be considered too violent. How can I tell? 

A: Good question. We suggest you review the Spark AR Effect policy to verify what they will allow. If you are concerned, ask a fellow dev to test it out or check out other published Spark AR Effects for guidance. 

Q: The Network module at Spark AR is disabled. Can it be enabled for the hackathon?

A: Unfortunately, the Networking module cannot be enabled.

Q: Tap on the screen is working fine but when I change to tap on an object and link the object in the patch editor it's working in the simulator, but not on the phone itself. Anyone encounter that problem? Know how to solve it?

A: You may have tried the steps here, but just in case, I would go through them again. If that doesn't work, try to reboot the Spark AR studio and follow the same steps.

Q: Is there a Linux version of Spark AR? 

A: No, Spark AR isn’t currently available on Linux.

Q: Does the Effect need to be published and approved before submitting? Or we can share a preview link?

A: The preview/testing link is acceptable for the contest. The Effects don't need to be published yet, but the preview link must be shared and accessible and the Effect must be for Instagram.

Q: I uploaded my project file in rar and non rar format. The project file includes images, 3d objects, and every external source. Is that enough or anything else? 

A: This is sufficient in addition to the testing or share link for the Effect.

Q: My filter size is more than 36 mb, so I can’t upload the source in GitHub. Is Google Drive link acceptable?

A: Yes, we'll take a Google Drive link, but just make sure it is set to be accessible to anyone with the link, please!

Q: The effect I made requires the back camera and has sound. I plan to indicate to the users the instruction to flip the cam for the first 5 seconds from when the effect has opened, and after that I want to display that this effect includes sound. How can I achieve this? Any help is appreciated thanks.

A: It may be possible with dynamic text, see here for more information. There are also other articles regarding adding text on the sidebar that you may want to look into.