•   over 3 years ago

Team member registration

Does each member of team has to register for the hackathon or if one has registered is it okay?


  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Harsh,

    Good question. All team members need to be added to the submission by the deadline because all members must be eligible to participate. However, if you start the submission on behalf of the team, you'll be able to either add their email addresses to invite them or send them a special link that they can follow to add them. You can do that today and then continue updating your submission form until the deadline.

    Hope this helps!

  •   •   over 3 years ago

    Hello Stefanie,
    I am not seeing any option yet to add my team members or invite them into this hackathon. Am i missing something, i mean will the option be available only when i am submitting the project?

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Shuvro!

    Yes, you'll see it on the submission form so if you start your form, you'll see a section called Team. That will have a link you can share with your teammates or you can add their email addresses to send an invitation.

    You can continue editing the submission until the deadline, too.

    Let me know if you're still having trouble!

  •   •   over 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for quick response.

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